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Please do not text for appointments or cancellations as these are not recieved.





Standard treatment sessions


Card payments ACCEPTED



4 session new patient investment £180: This package, aimed at new patients, establishes your commitment to putting in the necessary energy to change your situation and our commitment to help facilitate that.
Whilst each nervous system is unique and different, in most cases we feel that we should have assisted you to establish some positive difference by 4 sessions minimum. Re-evaluation after these sessions will help determine how we continue.
(block bookings are non-refundable - please discuss prior to booking if you have any questions or concerns)

10 (£423) or 20 (£752) Sessions block investment: Please ensure you have discussed your requirements prior to booking multiple sessions. Block bookings are recommended for pro/committed athletes in training/competition AND Chronic illness/pain sufferers whereby continued management through soft tissue or movement therapy is expected and already proven useful or essential.
Treatment courses will be paused for the duration of any referrals or further medical investigations and resumed when deemed appropriate or cleared by a medical professional or senior physical practitioner.
Should treatment objectives be reached sooner than expected, remaining sessions will be spread out and utilised as 'top-up and check-up' sessions to ensure continued maintenance of improved physical performance and to prevent regression. Alternatively, remaining sessions can remain as 'credit' against your account to be utilised 'as and when' with no expiry date OR transferred to the accounts of other family members in need.


Please ensure you have discussed your requirements prior to booking multiple sessions.



Session Duration:

Most sessions will last approximately 1hour. However treatment durations can vary at the discretion of your therapist depending on the nature of the treatment to be performed. Your therapist will use his clincal judgment to decide when sufficient treatment has been performed into any given condition and will avoid 'over-treatment' where possible. You may be recommended other treatment protocols if deemed more appropriate for your individual condition.


Private Healthcare

If you have a private Healthcare plan with Westfield health or Healthshield you are entitled to claim the
costs of your treatment.



Clinic policies

Patients under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent who will be required to sign a parental consent form. Chaperones are welcome for female patients and especially encouraged for first time bookings. We are also happy to provide tutorials to promote home treatments for carers or partners at no extra fee.

In accordance with standard practice we regret that a charge will be made for missed appointments or non-attendance unless 24 hours notice is given.

Payments are taken upfront with online bookings. If you fail to attend or need to move your appointment with less than 24hrs notice given the standard late cancellation rate may be charged and the remaining balance either refunded or settled in clinic at your next appointment.

If you are late, the session still falls within the scheduled appointment time. If the practitioner is late, the session will last the full time allotted. If the practitioner misses a scheduled appointment, you will receive a free session.


What to wear

Patients are advised to wear normal loose clothing or sports kit. It is not always necessary to be in any state of undress unless specific soft tissue work is required. All patients are requested to come suitably equipped with a pair of sports shorts, leggings or running/cycling tights and appropriate sports tops or normal upper body clothing. Plain sports shorts and/or treatment gowns can be provided and are considered essential for all female patients.






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