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You can hep empower the blind and marginalised to become trained, dignified professionals...


Nepal offers three options to its blind communities;
1. Begging!
2.Teaching if they're lucky! (a 'rote learning', dead-end miserable job in Nepal)
3.Working as a Sports Massage Therapist at the Seeing Hands Clinic in Pokhara (and shortly Kathmandu also) for an excellent wage.

For every massage treatment provided to weary trekkers 60% of the fee goes towards paying the students their wage (All students recieve a wage while training) and the upkeep of the clinic. While the remaining 40% pays the qualified therapist.

Nepal shoulders one of the largest burdens of global blindness with around 3% of the population either totally or partially blind. That figure is expected to increase by 20% per annum. In Nepal blindness has both social and economic ramifications. When a person goes blind in a rural area, he or she can expect to live for 3 years. In the Himalaya, where there are few paved roads and the terrain is rugged and mountainous, mobility is extremely difficult. No social services exist and blind individuals cannot contribute to family income. Their need for constant care from another family member reduces the family earning potential still further and as a result, many feel that they are a burden to their families and have very little self-confidence. They are marginalized and neglected and often become objects of pity within local communities.



"Blind people in Nepal need vocational opportunities that economically empower them & enable them to generate their own income & lead dignified, independent lives. For this to happen attitudes must change and the promotion of new professions for the blind like massage will be essential"

Seeing Hands Nepal run a comprahensive Sports Massage course that requires a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology and a mininmum of 100 hours clinical practice. Students must also complete a series of braille and practical examinations before they can qualify as Seeing Hands Masseurs.

The Seeing Hands Clinic is located in the lakeside area of Pokhara, a popular tourist destination where many Himalayan trekking routes start and finish. It is their eventual aim for the Seeing Hands project to evolve into a totally self-sustaining social enterprise, run by the blind for the blind.

As volunteer tutors we are expected to conduct practical massage workshops and group training/teaching sessions with blind students at the Seeing Hands Training Centre. There is a great demand for sports massage in this area due to the proximity of Himalayan trekking routes that start and finish here. The tutor will be expected to deliver a minimum of 4 hours of training per day (24hrs per week).

Travelling to Nepal is extremely costly and we need your help to get out there. You will see the DIRECT impact of your donation as it basically goes straight into the students training, their pockets, or directly into the upkeep of the clinic. You will be able to follow their individual progress online as updates are made on our Blog throughout the duration of our teaching trips. Donations can be made in clinic, otherwise conact Paul on 07517 431223. Any excess funds will be donated to the seeing hands project directly. Thank you.


Restore sports massage pledges 10 percent of every gift voucher sold to Seeing Hands Nepal


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