Our mission
6 reasons to choose RESTORE Sports Massage


We are a dedicated Remedial Massage practice
utilising ONLY soft tissue techniques.

providers of 'sports style' massage only as a sideline to other services.

Committed to hands-on Soft tissue therapy, treatment, education
and research for the benefit of all.



COMPREHENSIVE - Assessment, treatment and re-assessment throughout the duration of a session means we are able to really pin down what is working for you.

Over a course of treatments we can more acurately monitor your overall progress.

At the end of each session YOU can walk out KNOWING something really has changed for the better thanks to constant direct feedback from testing and assessment.

Your experience at RESTORE is both motivating and empowering, bringing you actively into the treatment process. Bringing in all aspects of YOUR life. Considering ALL possible contributing factors.

However, if a rub down is all that is required or wanted then that is what we will provide!






EXPERIENCED - 8+ years on, exemplary testimonials from world champion athletes, and a thriving busy practice speaks for itself. We don't advertise to any great extent as word of mouth brings most of our new patients to the door. Check out our testimonials for yourself...





OUTSTANDING - Treatment can have outstanding results, especially as the soft tissue component to an illness, injury, imbalance or surgery can often be neglected during the rehabilitation process. Once the contributing factors have been eliminated, such as poor biomechanics or damaged cartilage, sometimes all the body needs is that final nudge in the right direction to substatially improve musculoskeletal health and comfort... We provide this nudge with a considered, skillful and educated approach.


"After years of fun and self inflicted pain spent chasing around the mountains of the world; rock climbing, altitude mountaineering, ski-ing, fell running, long distance cycling and some knee crunching rugby thrown in my body and especially knees are frustratingly giving up. After long days out in the hills I'd retire to bed in severe pain. A recent visit to my doctor and a knee specialist confirmed damage and the expected onset of arthritis, surgery Oh No ! My only alternative course of action to slow the inevitable process:- work the supporting muscles harder and a visit to a magician (Restore Sports Massage). Cynical as ever I was starting to believe that the surgeons knife was on the cards and nothing could help, the surgeon thought so as well. Paul's massage treatment has left me almost pain free, no behind the knee cramping tendons and a flexing of the knee joint that I haven't enjoyed for several years. More impressive I spent 6 days out in the mountains of Scotland last week, I'd normally return semi crippled from such a trip with a painful swollen knee. I cycled to work as normal the day after I got back and sleep pain free. It's amazing how depressed you can get when you're denied fun in the hills or just riding your bike to work. Back on the road to a fully active life, for an old man. Thanks Restore" !

21 Oct 2011 - Stuart Cathcart: Founder & Owner of HIGH SPORTS Mountain Sports Specialist. British 'old school' climbing legend of note! www.highsports.co.uk





HONEST & REFLECTIVE- We are committed to your well being and recovery. We will make our assessments and recommendations even when those recommendations mean sending you elsewhere. This attitude has stood us in good stead over the years and we know that you appreciate us all the more for not taking a more 'commercially biased' stance.

'Improvement in your health, whether it be aided by our own hands at RESTORE or by the person to whom we have referred you, will always be the key to our success as
healthcare providers!'

We're not afraid of challenging both the closley held norms of clinical practice and our own conditioned education. Maybe biomechanics have caused back pain and maybe not. Maybe stretching can be beneficial but maybe it can be harmful too. Do trigger points or 'knots' really exist? We consider every posibility with the patient even if it means that in the end massage may not be the right intervention.




CONNECTED - We are associated to exceptional practitioners in various fields from Chiropractors, Biomechanists and Surgeons to Mindfulness Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Neurofeedback specialists. We will make the right referral for you.


'We feel very strongly about where we are sending you. This is why WE ONLY refer to the very best practitioners available based on their reputation (which must be outstanding) and our experience regarding their handling of past referrals. We are pleased to say that we enjoy very good relations with the specialists detailed above, and many more, who share our vision and commitment to exceptional healthcare and quality service.
Our aim is simply this; To ensure that you get the results you need within one referral'.





COMMITTED - We are registered and governed by the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM) and the Government backed Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Both organisations require regular fulfilment of continued professional development (CPD) criteria in order for membership to remain current and valid.

However, it is our exerience and committment to ceasless study, innovation and practice in this discipline that makes us the foremost specialist Sport & Remedial Massage providers in Shropshire.




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