Paul Martin Founder & owner of RESTORE Movement Health & Pain Clinic

RESTORE was founded by Paul Martin in 2005 and is now a busy and rapidly growing practice based in the centre of Shrewsbury. Going from strength to strength RESTORE continues to provide clinical services to the large and varied local communities of Shropshire as well as providing specialist support to a number of world champion athletes, local cycling, runnning, triathalon & climbing clubs and far reaching events across the UK.



Paul specialises in 'problem solving' with a particular interest in 'unsolveable pain'. >>more.

"Our aim at RESTORE is to achieve resolution of pain and injury utilising any means available to us whether this be soft tissue therapy or movement re-programming. Sports Massage no longer forms the mainstay of our work though specific soft tissue techniques are still considered an essential component to support the process".


Graduate of Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy Level 5

Graduate of Sport, Health & Exercise Science BSc.

Level 3 AiM

Certified Level 3 NKT practitioner


Student of The Academy of Applied Movement Neurology


REGISTERED. ISRM members are required to obtain a certain level of CPD (continued professional development), education and experience each year in order to remain a member of this professional body. ISRM also requires anual proof of professional indemnity insurance. ISRM offers complaints procedures for the public via their website.

I.S.R.M code of ethics.pdf

REGISTERED. CNHC is the government backed
regulatory body for complementary therapies in
the UK and an acredited voluntary register. CNHC requires a therapists continued professional development for ongoing membership and concurrent continued membership to the ISRM. CNHC offers complaints procedures for the public via their website.

CNHC Code of ethics.pdf


RECOGNISED. ISRM represents its therapist members and
works to protect and support their professional
interests. It sits on the Sport and Remedial
Therapies Council SRTC which is recognised
by the Complementary and Natural
Healthcare Council (CNHC) as the lead body
in this sector


RECOGNISED. Paul Martin has been recognised by the SRTC to provide Sport & Remedial Massage to members of the British Athletics Commission and the Elite Athletes Club and holds a full enhanced CRB check

INSURED & PROTECTED. Your therapist is insured to practice within his scope as defined by the ISRM and CNHC. This includes 'Acupuncture For Sports Injuries', exercise prescription for rehab, movement retraing and motor control and ALL other soft tissue therapy techniques including low grade joint stimulation/mobilisation.
Chriopractic style joint manipulation or Osteopathic high velocity thrust is not undertaken under any circumstances.

PROTECTED. Your therapist is insured and protected by the federation of small businesses.



Please note: This is not Physiotherapy and your Soft Tissue Therapist is not a 'Physiotherapist'.
Soft Tissue Therapy is a dicipline in its own right, bringing together long established soft tissue techniques from all fields of practice, combining them with the latest developments in manual therapy reseach, neurophysiology concepts and fascia science.
Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy & Sports Massage is not a replacement for other specialist treatments but may be a good alternative depending on the needs and feelings of the individual patient. Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy may work exceptionally well when used alongside other specialist treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy and may therefore be an excellent addition to any rehab programme or treatment protocol unless specifically stated otherwise.

Your therapist should display an open and enthusiastic attitude toward any other treatment you may be receiving and be more than willing to liase with your GP, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath or any other health care practitioner, complementary or otherwise. Referrals to other specialists are always made where necessary and you can rely on your therapist to refer you to a relevant and high standard practitioner where needed. RESTORE will only refer to the very best practitioners available based on their reputation (which must be outstanding) and our experience regarding their handling of past referrals.






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