Our service is rooted in years of offering first rate traditional sports massage maintenance rubdowns for athletes and everyday people alike. But things move on, understanding deepens and physical therapies of all kinds are ever more influenced by the astounding findings of modern neuroscience and applied neurology disciplines.


If there one thing our years of experience has shown us, it’s that there’s more to it than just pushing a little harder, working a little deeper or more vigorously. There's also more to solving pain and injury than 'blanket bombing style' soft tissue work alone can address.


Striving to understand the intricacies and subtleties of all the body’s systems - how they integrate and affect one another and importantly how they affect or undermine the health and function of the musculoskeletal system or our perception of pain, is paramount.



The Brain, the command centre, is running the show. But like a living web no structure or process in the body is separate - or unrelated - to every other structure and process in the body.

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Imagine your first at the scene of a road accident. Most of us know that our priority is to attend to the needs of the patients who are silent first and attend to those whom are shouting for our attention second.

It is the same for our bodies - there will often be a 'silent' undermining factor that is priority to address over and above the 'shouting' symptomatic areas.. Rubbing the sore spot is rarely going to help!


For most, an hour of deep 'pummelling' may be less useful than an hour spent understanding how the whole body and its systems are being organised in 3D at any given moment.

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity" - Hippocrates

Following a motor control first, strength & conditioning second philosophy, we use movement objectives combined with soft tissue stimulus to create unique challenges for the brain that help present just such an opportunity.

An opportunity to start moving the body in a more efficient, lower impact way. Freeing potential for effortless, coordinated and balanced motion.


Coordinated mobility before strength based stability.

We use constant neuromuscular and biomechanical assessment throughout a session to help us to understand how your brain is reacting and responding to new challenges.

Like rewilding an entire eco system, we aim to reintroduce elements of your movement patterns that have been missing before stepping back to objectively assess how your brain was able to process and utilise the new information.


It enables us to better understand....

  • The nature of the imbalance that’s causing the pain, injury or hyper-sensitisation...

  • The origins of the injury or the movement habits that predisposed you to the injury

  • What other factors or physical systems may be undermining recovery or perpetuating the problem...

  • and importantly, how to progress for long term positive outcomes.


focused and appropriate soft tissue therapy supports this process when deemed advantageous but no longer forms the mainstay of our practice.


The result is of course a far more appropriate session for every unique nervous system that pays us a visit! With an emphasis on patient education and understanding we put your health and rehab back in your own hands.

This is why at RESTORE it’s more than just a rubdown!



Just for sports people?...

Is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning STAND UP and move?

If the answer is YES, either with or without pain, then our reply is YES our work is relevant to you!

Its not about elite athletes and sports. we're all on a journey to the centre of the earth! Constantly fighting gravity, constantly working to decelerate our skeleton's journey towards that centre. Evolution has adapted us in such a way that we can acheive that deceleration and precise control of our movements with very little effort. That is until new 'altered' patterns of movement allow strain to enter the system.

If you're alive, breathing and moving in gravity AND you have pain, pay us a visit!







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