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Our Services

Applied movement Neurology

If you’ve suffered the effects of long term injury, postural problems, flexibility, coordination, and muscle imbalance, we are uniquely trained to get you through those problems in record time.

Soft tissue therapy & Sports massage

Experience our  extensive repertoire of advanced and traditional muscular release techniques.

Anatomy in Motion (L3)

As seen on BBC’s Doctor in the house this is a gait based assessment and treatment method that uses movement drills to help you address muscle or joint issues caused by or negatively influencing your walking and running patterns.

Neurokinetic therapy

One of our primary assessment methods NKT allows us to quickly and efficiently identify the highest priority hindrances to pain free movement, muscular balance and coordination allowing us to go straight to the underlying causes of pain and chronic dysfunction. 


As seen on all your favorite athletes! At RESTORE K-tape is primarily used to provide sensory feedback for rehabilitation purposes or to facilitate improved fluid management around your injury.  


At RESTORE we are specifically trained to apply acupuncture for local injury and musculoskeletal performance. 


Our Story and philosophy

RESTORE was founded by Paul Martin in 2005 and is now a busy and rapidly growing practice based in the centre of Shrewsbury. Going from strength to strength RESTORE continues to provide clinical services to the large and varied communities of Shropshire and Powys as well as providing specialist support to a number of world champion athletes, local cycling, running, and triathalon clubs and far reaching events across the UK.

We follow a brain led ‘applied neurology’ approach using specific movement tasks and coordination exercises to address muscular imbalance, motor control or reflex deficits and compensation strategies. 
Focused soft tissue therapy is used to support this process and to specifically target local tissue stress or injury.

Our aim at RESTORE is to achieve resolution of pain and injury utilising any means available to us. We have an extensive tool kit comprising of traditional sports massage through to more advanced manual muscular release techniques, acupuncture and neuromusuclar retraining. 


Our clients say

"Having a chronic condition, finding Paul was a dream. His knowledge is second to none. He really spends time to understand the issues and the therapy he offers is excellent. Hence my 5 star ratings. The best therapist I have seen in my 30 odd years of my condition."
Chris Atkin - 2 Aug 2018
Medical Technician
"Paul has been treating me for several years now in relation to a retrolisthesis in my lumbar spine, which has caused a host of issues and led to a continuously ‘grumpy’ back. His skills and knowledge are astounding and have helped me to manage the pain and associated patterns of compensation that my body has adopted. Paul has also opened my eyes to the world of the ‘microbiome’ and the importance of nutrition for healing and overall well-being."
Phil Parke - 14 Jul 2018
Police Officer
I have visited Paul on a number of occasions now, each with a new injury, or limitation. I find the way Paul methodically goes about diagnosing the cause, and not treating the symptom fascinating. Often left a little mind blown by the depth of Paul's knowledge, and his understanding of the integration of the human body. I firmly stand by the statement that Paul is one of the most talented, and educated people I now know. Nobody should want, or seek treatment regularly. Although I do now look forward to a session if I pick up a new injury.... Until next time.
Martyn Brookes - 4 Jul 2017
Engineer & Pro Mountain biker
"I referred myself to Paul after having a mountain biking accident where I broke my C7, T3 and 4. I also had to have an ACDF operation to stabilise C5, 6 and 7 due to destroying the discs where they bolted them together. As you can imagine I suffer with quite a bit of pain. I knew that things weren’t good and visited Paul where he investigated the problems. It is astonishing what Paul knows and his knowledge is second to none. I had issues with my brain function due to the accident, this was causing all sorts of problems but now………. All sorted! I do have on going issues but that is down to the metal work in my neck and the damage caused during the accident. I visit Paul once a month now for on going treatment………it’s nice to feel somewhere near normal considering what has happened. I would highly recommend for anyone to see Paul, the guy has a wealth of knowledge that cannot he matched."
Jon Bareham - 9 Jul 2018
Mountain biker

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