Sacroiliac joint primary cause of back pain in 15-40% of cases.

Sacroiliac joint primary cause of back pain in 15-40% of cases.

90% of us will experience back pain.
Less than 5% will require surgery.
According to a 2019 randomised controlled trial the “primary cause of back pain will be due to sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction in 15-40% of cases”
– Pain Physician. 2019 Jan;22(1):53-61.
So what is creating the SIJ dysfunction? Our goal is to go beneath the presenting injury to find the context and the conditions that gave rise to the issue, often as it is expressed in gait.
What of the trade off between the subtalar joint and the sacroilliac joint? Are both joints working in cooperative unison or against each other?
Where is the center of mass managed relative to the base of support?
– What the relationship between jaw and SIJ function?
– What factors affect jaw stability and the stability of all joints in the body simultaneously?
– What about the associated body wide patterns of muscular imbalance?
– If one joint is HYPOmobile? Where is the associated HYPERmobility and why? Which came first?
Many questions and avenues of investigation to better understand the most important factor in back pain. Context. regardless of which joint is creating the pain symptoms.
If, post treatment, the SIJ is working better, is the dysfunction not destined to return if the context stays the same?
Food for thought.
Anatomy in Motion - discover the context, provide the impetus.

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