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We are taking bookings under certain conditions

  • If “the patient and household are COVID-19 SYMPTOM FREE & NOT in the High Risk Group” you are welcome to go ahead and book your appointment in the diary below as normal.
  • On completing your booking you will receive 2 emails. The regular confirmation PLUS another email with a COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire and visiting protocols document attached.  You will be required fill and sign this questionnaire and read the attendance protocols carefully prior to your attendance. The pre-screening questionnaire can also be completed by following this link.  


– Treatment can proceed once GP approval has been granted. Please book in after this.


If you have previously had COVID-19 and have now recovered; treatment may proceed, unless:

• You were hospitalised
• You are still taking medication following the illness

In this situation you will need to seek approval from your GP before treatment can take place.



Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms:
• high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
• new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Changes to bookings & practice format:

Please be aware you must have filled out the COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire prior to attendance

PLEASE ONLY BOOK ONE SESSION PER DAY or week unless you have been advised otherwise.

    All appointments will now be 40min long including first consultations for new patients. Our new standard clinic session price will be £40
    As per guidelines issued by the Government and our registering body the ISRM, we are required to ask you to complete and sign the attached COVID-19 screening questionnaire and the updated data protection form on page 2 for every appointment you attend.

    Please print off and fill out the form attached to the automatically generated email prior to attending your appointment. It will be added to your notes and re-signed with every visit.

    Alternatively, the form can be electronically filled, signed and returned by email and we will print it for you. This will minimise time spent in close contact performing paper work tasks on the day.


    There will be 15min between appointments to allow for cleaning, airing and disinfecting.

    Please be on time for your appointment rather than early as guidelines require us to prevent patients from having contact with each-other.

    There will be no functional waiting room at this time. Please also ensure that you leave the clinic room on time after your appointment is done.

    As per our standard clinic policies; If you are late, the session still falls within the scheduled appointment time. You will still need to leave on time to allow for a reasonable gap.

    The waiting room will be empty and there will be no chairs. Patients will be required to wait at the first door to be greeted.
    BEFORE ENTERING PREMISES Client and Therapist shall sanitise hands and should don face coverings.
    When you arrive we will meet you at the front door and take your temperature with a laser thermometer. Please be assured that each day prior to attending the clinic your therapist is required to do the same.

    For current patients we will simply need to re-sign the ‘COVID-19 screening questionnaire’ each time you attend.

    For new patients, a full consultation with the associated paperwork will be required as normal. Depending on the complexity of your consultation and initial assessments we can no longer guarantee that there will be a significant degree of treatment performed on that same day.

    New treatment programmes will now be modelled on the standard Chiropractic or Osteopathic format of first consultations proceeded by follow ups for treatment.

    Patients are advised to attend their appointment wearing their own masks and to take them away afterwards. Your therapist will also be wearing a mask for the duration.

    Government guidelines for “close contact workers” stipulate that masks must be worn by both parties throughout the appointment and that the therapist will also be required to wear a visor once the appointment actually begins. Don’t be alarmed, I may look like a cyberman but it is still me in there!

    We will have a supply of masks in stock should you find yourself short and we do ask that you take any mask away with you for safe disposal at the end of the session.

    There will be no towels or treatment gowns available.

    Please attend dressed in suitable sports clothing, leggings or loose trousers and normal exercise tops.

    Couch paper will be used as normal but we will not use couch covers. We are opting to wipe down the bench with disinfectant between each patient instead.

    The facilities will be available as normal but we ask that you bring your own drinks if required. We cannot supply you with water.
    No cash please. Payments can be made by card, our Paypal-me link (below) or BACS if you have not already paid online via the booking system.
    No cancellation fee will be charged.
    Due to COVID-19 restrictions we can no longer allow partners or chaperones to attend the clinic. Please arrive alone for your treatment. This means we can no longer treat under 16’s.

In accordance with standard practice, we regret that a charge of the full appointment fee will be made for missed appointments or non-attendance unless 24 hours’ notice is given.

Patients under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent who will be required to sign a parental consent form. Chaperones are welcome for female patients and especially encouraged for first time bookings. We are also happy to provide tutorials to promote home treatments for carers or partners at no extra fee.

Payments are taken upfront with online bookings. If you fail to attend or need to move your appointment with less than 24hrs notice given the standard late cancellation rate may be charged and the remaining balance settled in clinic at your next appointment.

If you are late, the session still falls within the scheduled appointment time. If the practitioner is late, the session will last the full time allotted (excepting individual circumtances that dictate otherwise, such as the complexity or efficacy of your treatment). If the practitioner misses a scheduled appointment, you will receive a free session.

What to wear

Patients are advised to wear normal loose clothing or sports kit. It is not always necessary to be in any state of undress unless specific soft tissue work is required. All patients are requested to come suitably equipped with a pair of sports shorts, leggings or running/cycling tights and appropriate sports tops or normal upper body clothing. Plain sports shorts and/or treatment gowns can be provided and are considered essential for all female patients.

Session Duration:

Most follow-up sessions will last approximately 40 minutes. However treatment duration’s can vary at the discretion of your therapist depending on the nature of the treatment to be performed. Your therapist will use his clinical judgment to decide when sufficient treatment has been performed into any given condition and will avoid ‘over-treatment’ where potential for harm or detriment is evident. You may be recommended to other specialists if deemed more appropriate for your individual condition. While the cost of an appointment slot is fixed whether the session is stopped at 40min or 30min, treatment fees are calculated based on the good judgment and expertise of your therapist and NOT per minute. Conversely, other sessions may run beyond the allotted time slot if necessary and appropriate to do so at no extra cost OR you may be recommended a 1 hour session if deemed necessary. We thank our waiting customers for their patience and understanding that some cases are more complex and time consuming than others Everyone receives the most appropriate treatment in the RESTORE clinic.

Hence RESTORE adheres to standard clinical policies that If you are late, the session still falls within the scheduled appointment time. If the practitioner is late, the session will last the full time allotted. With the exception of individual circumstances that dictate otherwise. If the practitioner misses a scheduled appointment, you will receive a free session.

PayPal link for other online payments:

Use this link if you have been booked in manually but would still like to pay online. All sessions are £40. Thank You!

CONTACTLESS Cards accepted in clinic


We are not HCPC or BUPA registered. 

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