A foundation for the future

Exploring new career possibilities or looking to learn a new and useful skill?

Our Introduction to Sports Massage course will provide you with an exciting insight into the world of professional therapy.

We will equip you with the tools you need to informally look after friends, family and partners.

We will give you the confidence to delve further into the world of physical therapies.

Sporting Couples

Runners, triathletes, cyclists... whatever your combined obsessions being able to look after each others basic maintenance in a safe and sustainable way can decrease your dependency on profesional help for most of the basic stuff. Taking care of muscular recovery and easing away post exercise muscle soreness will be in your hands.

Home Carers

If you look after someone with long term or chronic health conditions and would like to understand more about how to look after that individuals muscular aches and pains without contributing to your own this course is for you. Based on level 5 professional diploma principles our course will teach you the basics of protecting yourself while administering home treatments for loved ones.


You may be a student at the start of your journey considering future educational routes or you may be looking for a career change. This affordable course will allow you to gain insight into what life as a professional body worker might be like. We will provide a foundation that is often stipulated as an entry requirement to professional diplomas. Or you may just like to try something new for the fun of it. Either way, register your interest and we'll partner you up with like minded people for the course.

Introduction to Sports Massage - for couples, carers and individuals.

Your questions answered...

Most frequent questions and answers

Your tutor, Paul Martin, has 15 years experience working as a professional Sports Masseur and advanced Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist with a foundation in Sport and Exercise Science and continues to study in the field of applied neurology disciplines.

Paul has worked as a tutor for the London School of Sports Massage and has also traveled to Nepal where he volunteered as a tutor for the charity ‘Seeing Hands’ training blind students to become level 4 qualified self employed Sports Massage Therapists.

Our syllabus is still in development and will be posted onto this page very soon. Register your interest today to be notified with further course details ASAP…

No this is not a formal qualification. You cannot gain insurance to practice on the public or charge for your services based on this course only.  If you intend to go on to further study on a level 4 or 5 professional diploma to become a qualified Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist you will usually find entry requirements require you to have had some basic training on an introductory course such as ours first. That makes this a valuable course to undertake for those at the start of their educational journey be they a younger student or an older individual considering a career change or retirement job.